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Are you going on a trip and you’re not sure what items you
should take with you?

Here’s the list of the products that you’ll find super useful whenever you’ll head on a trip.

Let’s get started!

     1.      Reusable water bottle

Plastic water bottles not only are horrible for the environment but buying them each time is expensive, especially at the airports!

Having reusable bottle water is a great money saving product that will keep you hydrated while on the go.

Many airports have a fill-up station where you can get fresh water at no cost for you.

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     2.      Travel passport wallet

While taking care of your health and safety is extremely important while traveling, you should also have an eye on your personal belongings, especially on your passport.

A good travel passport wallet will keep all the documents you’ve got in one convenient location for you.

You can get one here.

     3.      Pens and a small journal

I have always forgotten to take these, and it always turned out they were useful. They don’t take too much space, so now I always make sure that I have them packed.

Especially now, when I try to keep up my routine of journaling every day in the morning.

You can also start a travel journal, where you’ll gather all the information like maps, itinerary, names of people you meet on the way.

In 10 or 20 years it’ll be great to remember adventures that you went on.

     4.      Toiletry bag/ plastic bag with a zipper for liquids

Having a special bag to always keep filled with all toiletries that you need for any trip is SO amazing.

Whenever you travel, you can just easily grab it and put it in your suitcase without any worries that you have forgotten something.

     5.      Packing cubes

Using packing cubes will create more space in your bag and make packing and then later finding items so, so much easier.

If organizing stuff is a bit of a challenge for you, trust me, packing cubes will be your lifesaver.

It will allow you to look for your stuff without disrupting the resting and turning your suitcase into a mess.

I got mine over a year ago and use them all the time whenever I go somewhere.

     6.      Exfoliating towels

Exfoliating towels are great when it comes to removing dead skin cells and produce good blood circulation.

Since these kinds of towels take up no space and they don’t soak up water like a scrub, they are an awesome alternative to normal towels while traveling.

7. Travel pillow

Unless you’re in first class, the long haul and overnight flights can be really exhausting.

And even if you’re the kind of person that can fall asleep anywhere, a good travel pillow is a great investment to keep your neck, shoulders, and spine healthy once you arrive at your destination.

Although most travel pillows suck, getting the one high-quality is really worth it.

8. External charger

Everyone is online these days using their phones, laptops, and other electronic devices.

However, your phone being used all day can’t always keep up without needing a recharge, which is why having an external charger can be so helpful.

9. Hanging luggage scale

How many times have you overestimated your luggage capacity?

I must admit that it did happen to me so many times.

So, if you are the type of person that tends to overpack and buy a bunch of souvenirs and other stuff along the way and wants to avoid pay for extra baggage, the hanging luggage is definitely something that you should get!

10. International adapters

If you’re going on an international adventure, you must be aware that your phone charger that gets connected in your country may not work somewhere else.

This universal option works literally everywhere and buying it now can prevent you from spending a fortune later.

11. Electronics accessories organizer

If you carry with you a ton of electronic devices with many chargers to them, a good organizer is a must. It will keep all your stuff well protected, in one place.

Another great thing about it is that it can also be used as a cosmetic carrying bag. I don’t know about you, but I love multipurpose things.

12. Sleeping mask

They are great for the hotel, for the plane, or just for when you live in the city and all the lights on disrupting your sleep and you really need something that would soothe your eyes.

13. A cozy cardigan or a hoodie

Who doesn’t love loose, comfortable clothes? I could wear them literally all the time!

Taking a cardigan or a sweatshirt not only can be of great use for cold weather but also be occasionally used as an extra blanket on a way.

14. Refreshing towelettes

I know, I know! It may not the best eco-friendly option, but I feel like it’s just essential when you’re on the go and need to remove your makeup, freshen your face, or just clean anything and you don’t have the availability to running water.

15. Travel locks

If you’re traveling with some valuable items and you’re concerned that the zippers on your suitcase may accidentally open or you’re worried that your belongings may be stolen, a luggage lock is a great solution!

16. Student card

If you’re still a student, taking a student card with you while traveling can enable you to get a lot of discounts on things such as transport, tourist activities, etc.

17. Money belt and extra wallet

When you go to the country where you’ll mostly use cash, it’s better to put your money in a few different spots, so if you get robbed, you’ll not lose all your money.

Trust me, no one would ever think of looking inside of your belt for money, even pickpockets and thieves. So, getting a money belt is definitely one of the safest options to keep your money safe. Also, getting an extra wallet and putting it in a different way might be a good idea.


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